Campus Viewpoints: Traffic and safety in ECC parking lots and structures

The Union recently asked students their thoughts on the amount of traffic in the parking lots and structures and if they thought they were safe.

James Chois

Jason Chois, 21, biology major

“I think it’s pretty normal, luckily there hasn’t been too much speeding in the parking lot when I’m looking for parking, not too much speeding,” Chois said.

Jesus Moreno

Jesus Moreno, 20, music major

“I think they’re safe, I think I’m just lucky that I haven’t experienced any crashes in the structures. I think that if they added speed bumps for both structures it would be a lot safer,” Moreno said.

Dolapo Abioro

Dolapo Abioro, 18, sociology major

“I think it’s safe when I get there, besides the people speeding out of the structure. Maybe if they had security patrol the structures more and give tickets to those speeding it might make it a bit better,” Abioro said.

Alexander Bermudez

Alexander Bermudez, 19, business major

“I’ve never really had a problem with the structures, but more with the drivers. I’ve almost been crashed into a few times because of people taking the turns too fast and not checking their sides. I think something as simple as adding speed bumps would make a big difference,” Bermudez said.

Erik Hernandez

Erik Hernandez, 21, kinesiology major

“The structure is alright, it’s just the drivers that should be more careful. My car almost got hit the other day because someone didn’t check their right side. I think that having some security patrol the structures more it would help out a lot,” Hernandez said.