Campus Viewpoints: Lakers or Clippers?

With the arrival of Lebron James and Anthony Davis to the Los Angeles Lakers and the addition of Kawhi Leonard to the Clippers, The Union asked students which team was LA’s team?

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Anthony Godinez, 20, business major

“Lakers I just have been a fan of the lakers my whole life bro. They will always be LA’s team,” Godinez said.

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Jamell Briggs, 23, journalism major

“It’s Lakers’ town we bleed purple and gold. Each fan has their reason to believe it is Lakers’ town but it is because we have more championships than them and have a history,” Briggs said.


Uialii Coleman, film major

“It’s Lakers all day man you already know. Lakers have the best roster balance between defense and offense which wasn’t proven throughout the last five years of dismal performance,” Coleman said.

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Scott Alfaro, 18, engineering technology major

“Lakers have had a bigger legacy over the years and even though it is the Clippers’ season with such a good team right now. It is still Lakers’ town because of the dynasty we have,” Alfaro said.

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James Williams, 28, engineering technology major

“I believe it is still a Lakers town since now they still have Anthony Davis. Last season they were complete trash but for sure this season the Western Conference finals will have Lakers vs. Clippers,” Williams said.