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Renovations will spruce up new students

Photo credit: Mason Hardison

Photo credit: Mason Hardison

Photo credit: Mason Hardison

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Over the past five years the Facilities Department has planned modernizing buildings and expanding the school’s horizons.

With the completion of the new Murdock Stadium, as well as the new plan to build a new gym, pool, and Student Activities Center, we believe that the school is moving towards the right direction in appealing the new student population.

The combined funding of two bonds over $744 million and the permission of the department state architects, thus streamlining the “facilities master plan” that will span over eight years providing students a higher education said Tom Brown.

Included in this plan is Lot C; the most recent parking structure north of campus, which would compensate the oversaturation of Lot H where students have found themselves in a bind for parking.

In turn, the Facilities Department has done a good job trying to accommodate the students induced in the parking issues which has fueled the seismic retro fit in Lot F.

“We been doing according to projects and timelines like a domino effect, you can’t do one without the other,” said Tom Brown when speaking of the future demolitions.

The foundation has been cemented for the new infrastructure for incoming students and see’s modern technology broadening in El Camino.

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Renovations will spruce up new students