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A safe haven for all

Illustration by Kanemura Haruka

With the spewing hate over sexual orientations, skin color, and religion colleges all over have been implementing areas called, “safe space” where students can go to, in order to feel safe and educated on the matter.

These workshops are specifically designed to help create a safer place for students due to the blind hate that people are spreading all over someone’s preference, religion or skin color.

Safe spaces, however wouldn’t have become a reality if it wasn’t for the amount of hate towards sexual preference, religion, and skin color.

We believe that El Camino has been doing a good job by offering safe spaces for students, as it allows the campus to be more safe and educated on the matter.

The decision of EC implementing its very own “safe space” for the student body is not only a good idea, but a beneficial one as well. It allows students to have a place to go.

At last, college campuses are being more aware and interactive with their fellow student body and have implemented a place as high caliber as this for these situations.

Colleges throughout California such as University of California, Irvine and Santa Monica College have also implemented these into their college campuses in order to give the students a place to feel safe.

Now EC has followed in their footsteps and has implemented its very own, “safe space” for its own student body to use.

It is however a bit out of the ordinary to have a “safe space” in order for students to feel safe.

No student should have to walk onto campus and not feel like any other student. It is an outrageous matter that students who are different from the social norm are shunned from the rest of the group.

This can educate as well as help students be more aware of their surroundings, rather than feel uneducated on the matter, as well as having a center that gives them the support that is deserved from the beginning.

Students shouldn’t be afraid of who or what they are. They should definitely feel enlightened and accepted into the community.

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