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Night classes can make a busy life easy

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Throughout the years there have been many students who don’t to take night classes at El Camino, which ends up getting those classes canceled for the entire semester.

Some reasons might include that it’s too late or you may have life-like responsibilities, for example work or taking care of your kids and you might think that you just don’t have time for school at night.

When I first took a night class I was skeptical, because I thought it wouldn’t measure up to the same experience that a daytime class can provide.

But I found that the class was actually fun and interesting because we observed media content on YouTube, learned about the Penny Press and the radio in Journalism 12 Mass Media and Society.

“Night classes are an excellent way to continue your education or earn a college degree,” according to The Seattle Post Intelligencer.

It may help you earn more credits, getting you closer to your degree.

“On the upside you would have all day to complete your class paper or other projects. Where you don’t have to pull an all-nighter or wait at the last minute to do your research paper to make it A-worthy,” according to

If you’re up and about during the day you can take advantage of the extra time available to do what you need to do for the class, before you actually go in.

Students are likely to achieve much more if they take night classes, so don’t be afraid to try them out.

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Night classes can make a busy life easy