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Planning and Budget Committee discusses the use of online interfaces in order to boost night class enrollment

By Lydia Lopez

November 28, 2017

The El Camino Planning and Budgeting Committee discussed transitioning into online classroom interfaces to increase night class enrollment at their meeting on Thursday Nov. 16. Rory Natividad, a pointed chair of PBC dean of H...

Night classes aren’t worth the stress

By Carina Cardenas

September 20, 2016

Everyone gets busy, but having a full time job and one night class can lead to sleep deprivation, which can affect someone physically and mentally to the point that it just won't be worth it anymore.I've witnessed a family me...

Night classes can make a busy life easy

By Victor Liptzin

September 20, 2016

Throughout the years there have been many students who don't to take night classes at El Camino, which ends up getting those classes canceled for the entire semester.Some reasons might include that it's too late or you may have ...

Daylight Saving Time’s end leaves those with night classes in the dark

By Lorilynn Lomeli

November 3, 2014

A student carries pepper spray as she walks briskly to her car after her night class. After daylight saving time came to an end this weekend, students and faculty are thinking about their safety. “I am taking a night cla...

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