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Planning and Budget Committee discusses the use of online interfaces in order to boost night class enrollment

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The El Camino Planning and Budgeting Committee discussed transitioning into online classroom interfaces to increase night class enrollment at their meeting on Thursday Nov. 16.

Rory Natividad, a pointed chair of PBC dean of Health Sciences and Athletics announced that there will be addition to the Strategic Planning Committee.

“ Strategic planning will be viewing all college wide metric’s and goals. To see that they could be combine to simplify the message that will be added to the end,” Natividad said.

This was approved and is determined to be placed on the website. The academic area distance education is still one of a few that have faculty members still working on Etudes, an online classroom interface. The rest of the faculty members have transition to using Canvas, the newest online interface used by EC faculty members.

“(Everyone should) fully be on canvas on the end of spring semester of 2018,” Jean Shankweiler, vice president of academic affairs, said.

For the online academic programs provided to the students and staff. They will be transferring over to another online website.

In the enrollment management plan update winter sessions expanded as will for this coming up winter session.

“Last year (we had) two hundred sections, which is the highest we ever had in the past. We went up three hundred and twenty for this winter. Faculty can teach online for the winter so their very happy about that,” Shankweilier said.

The increase in sections which will be provided to the students over the winter, will be either online course or on campus.

“Hopefully (this) brings in more money because we are offering more classes,” Rory Natividad, dean of health science and athletics, said.

The decrease in students who attend night classes show that there’s less of a chance that they are finishing the course. The enrollment program is working on trying to help students reach their goals and to gain a certificate or any type of degree.

“I think that it’s beneficially for student like me, I have night classes,” Christian Cruz, automotive technician major, said.

Enrollment management programs hope that providing the numbers will rise dramatically due the increase of classes that are being offered. In addition, to the enrollment programs adult students and returning students.

“(Students) who traditionally take night classes, we’re (seeing) a decline in that enrollment. We are working on developing a path way that highlight evening online classes for people to complete,” Shankweiler said.

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Planning and Budget Committee discusses the use of online interfaces in order to boost night class enrollment