Students talk about the best thing to happen to them during the first week of school

We asked students what was the best thing to happen to them during the first week of the spring semester.

“My human sexuality teacher is very enthusiastic. The teacher just really gets into the topic. She is willing to be open and really blunt about it,” Katie Patton, 20, psychology and English major, said.

“My teacher showed clips of students. One was talking about a drug – people sniffing poop gas – it makes people hallucinate. It was funny and weird. That class is cool and interesting,” Omar Sanchez, 20, kinesiology major, said.

“I met a lot of new people. I tend to be introverted but I met six to seven people just standing around. They just come up to me when I’m waiting in line. We had the same types of things we liked to do; we had a lot of things in common,” Jennifer Han, 20, business major, said.

“The best thing that happened was getting my makeup put on my face for my stage makeup class. I’m a theatre major and I usually don’t wear makeup. Usually, buying it is not a thing for me. Even though it took her time, she was gentle and it came out well,” Angelique Paxton, 21, theatre major, said.

“Tom Cody is a really good English professor so far. He is really funny and really good at teaching. It is just his humor. To me, he is funny. He’s really detailed about his work,” Michael Espinosa, 19, English major, said.

“My teachers are pretty nice. The classes weren’t that hard and I could find them without any trouble,” Christian Cortex, 18, physical education major, said.

“My teachers were friendly. We read Anthony Robbins’ article. He’s funny. It was about how humanity works in the world,” Steven Torrero, 19, theatre major, said.

“I was excited about starting school all over again. I’m older than a lot of students. I was able to get a higher English class because I tested for it. That was exciting,” Simone Nelson, 26, sign language major, said.

“I got all the classes I wanted. All my teachers are really cool. I thought they were going to be really strict, but I’m liking all my teachers,” Annaisa Morales, 18, physical therapy and administration of justice major, said.

“I enjoyed my classes. My history class is pretty discussion-based. It’s not just the teacher talking. There are normal voices going around and a lot more opinions going around. The teacher is open to different ideas,” J.J. Lee, 19, English major, said.