Student Forum: Patrice Duren, Special Resources Center student

Patrice Duren has attended EC for two semesters and is majoring in child development. Duren is visually impaired.

How long have you been involved with the Special Resource Center?

I became involved with the Special Resource Center two semesters ago, when I first came to EC.

How has the Special Resource Center helped you?

It has helped me a lot, especially with my English classes.

The Center has also helped me with my notetaking for my classes, with reading and with the lab for my English class.

In my English lab, they have computers that aren’t compatible with the program I use, so the instructional assistant comes in and helps me with my assignments. They have helped me more with my reading. For my reading, I get someone each semester who goes to my classes and reads for me. The reader only comes to my classes where there is not a lecture class.

In my lecture classes I have someone, a classmate, take notes for me on special paper provided by the Special Resource Center.

Do you think EC makes adequate accommodations for disabled students? If yes or no, how do you think they do or do not?

Yes I believe they do. EC has adequate accommodations, but I think they could be better. There could be more aides available or more adaptive equipment for the visually impaired.

How difficult is it for you to get around campus or how much easier does the school make it for you to get around?

The program offers a class that helps me with getting around campus. They give you information on where to go for things you may need.

If you could, what would be the first thing that you would change or improve about the services offered to disabled students?

I would like to improve the number of aides available for students in their classes, especially for English and math classes.

How do you feel other EC students behave toward you? Are they helpful and courteous?

Students here are usually very courteous to me. I have had good experiences with other students around campus.

Initially, because I am visually impaired, many students take a while to warm up to me. They just kind of watch me.

How lenient are professors with you with tardiness?

They really don’t show much difference with being on time. The big difference they show is with the testing accommodations.

They work together with the professor to schedule when to take the test and how much time will be allowed to complete the test.

How convenient are the drop-off points for disabled students to get to class?

They are very convenient. Access Transit has more than one drop-off point. They ask you where you want to be picked up and dropped off.