Campus Viewpoints: Is the media’s coverage of the war in Iraq sufficient?

Joe Inoue, 18, Music Major

“It depends. I think yes and no because there are certain things that they didn’t cover until now, like the torture in prison. But they’re also showing some footage of the war.”

Sue Hlaing, 25, Nursing Major

“Yes. As far as I know, they’re doing a good job. When they showed the prisoners’ photographs, it showed everyone that they couldn’t hide it from the media.”

Estela Ceniceros, 19, Business Administration Major

“Yes, because they show a lot of different opinions from different people and show them all. They also have a variety of news organizations covering it.”

Judy Engele-tseng, 26, Undeclared Major

“Yes. The war coverage has been good, especially with the current information about the abuse of prisoners. I think that the information has been pretty complete.”

Kaneile Jones, 21, Administrative of Justice Major

“No. I think that there’s a lot of secretive stuff in the news that they’re not showing the American public. I think that they only show us what they want to show us.”

Katy Teal, 19, Communications Major

“No. I think they’re bringing out more of the violent side. They’re just covering one side, what the U.S. troops are doing and not what the people over there are going through.”