Campus Viewpoints: Should the UCs offer the guaranteed transfer program?

Danni Le Gaspi , 19, Biology major

“Yes, because school would be more crowded, so I think tuition would go down. There would be more students attending and hopefully more classes available.”

Carlos Velazquez, 22, Undeclared major

“Yes. The plan for most people who come here is to get some of the classes they need out of the way so they don’t have to pay extravagant amounts at another college.”

Shireen Kayhani, 19, Business Management major

“Yes, I think everybody has a right to get an education anyway they can, and if they can do so by coming here and paying less per unit, I think they should be able to.”

Veronica Cuevas, 22, Computer Engineering major

“No. I disagree with such a program. If they let future UC students attend here then the school would become too crowded and not have enough parking.”

Koh Nonaka, 20, Accounting major

“Yes, because tuition is so expensive. For a student like me who wants to transfer to a university like UCLA, it is cheaper to transfer after two years of attending here.”

Alejando Ceniceros, 20, Fire Science major

“No, because it would end up screwing us over. They want to save money? What about us? What about our classes? What about our parking? It’s a bad idea.”