Student Forum: Philip Gomez, Inter-Club Council commissioner of fundraising

Philip Gomez has been in Inter-Club Council (ICC) for two semesters. Gomez is a Communications major and he is in his second semester at EC.

How long has ICC been around?

It has been around since 1947 and it has always had the same mission: to finance and support college clubs.

How did you get involved with ICC?

I’ve always been involved with school activities. In high school, I was involved with the student council. I even took a student leadership class and learned about all the clubs out there. I became interested in ICC when I went to one of its meetings and I liked the way it ran things. I liked the people, so I joined and was appointed commissioner of fundraising.

What are your responsibilities as commissioner of fundraising?

Every year we have to raise a certain amount of money, so that’s what I do. I plan out events that will help raise that amount of money.

What does ICC use the money for?

ICC is for the clubs and by the clubs. It’s a cabinet of the clubs for whenever they need money, so we can give it to them. We just sponsored the Native American Club so it could have its pow wow. Whenever a club goes to a conference, we support them. We also organize events such as club rush, the spring games and the blood drive.

How important is it for students to participate in the blood drive?

It is very important that students participate in the blood drive, especially now that there is a blood shortage. We usually gets a lot of signups, but as of now we have 207 donors waiting for the blood drive.

Are you going to donate blood?

Yes, I am. I do it every time the blood drive comes to campus.

What activities do you organize outside of campus?

A lot of us do community service such as the blood drive, and we’ve also done the children’s Christmas party.

How much do you enjoy being in ICC?

I enjoy it a lot because you need a certain academic requirement to be a member. ICC motivates me to do good because I’m surrounded by so many positive people.

What do you plan to do as a member of ICC?

I plan to acquire new leadership skills, meet new people and have fun while being at school.

What do you plan to do with ICC as far as college is concerned?

Colleges always look at how balanced you are. Colleges like to see that you are involved in any other activities combined with academic courses. Being a member of ICC will help me in the long run with universities and my career.

What would you change about ICC?

I would change the current budget, maybe get more money.

What would you add to ICC?

I would like to add more EC student participation in our activities.