Campus Viewpoints

Minerva Luna, 24, Communications major

“Yes, definitely. Last week I almost crashed my car into someone because the lady was talking on her cell phone and not paying attention. People should drive responsibly.”

Sheneika Taylor, 19, Sociology major

“I think that drivers need hands- free equipment because they don’t pay attention and it is easier to focus on the road with an ear piece on. It should be the law.”

Von Manaois, 18, Undecided major

“It should be legal to use your cell phone without hands-free equipment when driving your car. It’s not necessary because you should always be paying attention.”

Robert Reed, 19, Japanese major

“It should be illegal. It’s a distraction because you’re focusing so much on your phone. If everybody payed attention, there would be more awareness and fewer accidents.”

Catherine Hinkle, 27, Speech Pathology major

“I think you should be able to use your cell phone with a headset. This way the driver will have full concentration while driving with both hands on the steering wheel.”

Andrew Siegel, 20, Physical Therapy major

“It’s not helpful for people to drive with their cell phones. The government should encourage people to use hands-free technology, but shouldn’t force them to.”