Student Forum: Kacie Robinson, Nursing Major

Kacie Morgan is a mother and a housekeeper. Her goal is to complete nursing school and move on to a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in nursing.

Why did you choose EC’s nursing program?

I chose it because of the location. It’s near where I live . I also heard about its good reputation through word of mouth.

Why do you want to be a nurse?

Because I’m really interested in the medical profession. It offers good money, benefits and freedom. It is also flexible with whatever field you chose to pursue, whether it is community research or prison, to name a few.

Who inspired you to become a nurse?

Mr. Collins, one of my teachers when I was attending Oceanside High School. He spoke about the nursing program. He talked about interactions with patients, which started my interest in becoming a nurse.

Why become a nurse and not a doctor?

Nursing is more hands on. There is more interaction and intervention when you are a nurse. You get to deal more with patients.

Did having a child became a part of your decision in majoring in nursing?

I have been working on my nursing degree since before I was pregnant; however, having my son makes me want to succeed.

What challenges did you face as a nursing major?

The biggest challenge I’ve had to face is the commitment. This major requires a lot of time and critical thinking skills. If you don’t commit at least three to four hours a day for school, then you won’t make it in the nursing program.

What part of nursing do you want to specialize in?

As of right now, I’m open. Eventually I do want to get my General Family License and have my own practice.

How did you deal with the memorization and everything else that requires to be a nurse?

You need to make time and be able to commit to the classes. You are constantly utilizing your knowledge at all times so it’s hard to forget. Anatomy, microbiology, and physiology are courses that require a lot of time and effort so that you can do well. If you practice and use the open labs that are available in the nursing department, then you should be OK.

How did you pass all your nursing classes?

I studied hard and made commitments to the classes that made me succeed. The Eclex book is a booklet of the State Board Exam for nursing majors. It provides practice tests that prepare you for any trouble you may be having with the program. If you use the open labs in the nursing classes, they should be helpful.

What advice and encouragement would you like to say to future EC nursing students?

To be ready, because it’s a long hard road, but it’s worth it. Be prepared to work hard because there is no easy passing.

Also, nursing is a good career and the program here at EC prepares them for what they need and this profession is admirable.