El Camino passes 500 COVID-19 cases

Nine cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed on the El Camino College campus, bringing the total number of cases to 505.

All information regarding each case was announced in two emails sent by El Camino College Marketing and Communications:

  • Email sent April 29. Two cases confirmed on April 27. Individuals tested positive April 16 and 25 and last on campus April 15 and 22. Both individuals tested on campus.
  • Same April 29 email. Four cases confirmed on April 28. Individuals tested positive and were last on campus April 25, 27 and 28. Tested on campus. Facilities Department notified to clean the Chemistry Building, Room 166 and the main office area of the Industry Technology Education Center.
  • Email sent and three cases confirmed on May 2. Individuals tested positive April 27, 28 and May 2 and were last on campus April 22, 25 and 29. Individuals tested on and off campus.

No close contacts were confirmed by any of the infected individuals and all individuals have or are currently observing the minimum 10-day at-home isolation period, with the possibility of returning to campus early if asymptomatic and have a negative test result on the fifth day of isolation.

El Camino had 16 COVID-19 cases confirmed in April, an increase from six cases that occurred in the last two weeks of March, 18 if counting two of the three May 2 confirmed cases.

The cases come two days after the most recent COVID-19 update was sent by Marketing and Communications on April 22.