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Computer science program offers guaranteed class spots at CSUDH

The Warrior-Toro computer science program aims to help students graduate in 4 years, have an internship and job offer after graduation, according to program officials.

The Warrior-Toro Pathway committee met Wednesday, April 4, to discuss how the program guarantees spots at California State University, Dominguez Hills (CSUDH) classes after 2 years at El Camino College, and graduation with a computer science degree.

“The program allows students to graduate faster than STEM students, on average it takes 5 to 6 years to graduate with a computer science degree” Daniela Beltran, program coordinator, said at the event.

Seniors in high school can also apply along with students at ECC with under 24 units. Those in the program have an opportunity to apply for need-based scholarships up to $2,000 in funds.

While being in the program, students are expected to take at least 15 to 17 units every semester for the next four years.

“Our goal is for students to graduate in 4 years” Juan Leon, program instructor, said at the event.

Currently, the program has 12 students actively participating, six students in cohort 1 and another six in cohort 2, but they are looking to expand.

“We can accept up to 35 students a school year,” Beltran said at the event.

Zari Williams has been in the program for 2 years and said that there’s benefits in being enrolled in Warrior-Toro CS Pathway program.

“What’s good is that they pick your classes for you,” Williams said. “There’s no waitlist, just make sure you go to the class you’re assigned to.”

But she also said there are challenges as a student being enrolled into the program.

“It’s a hard program,” Williams said. “When I first started out it was a hard transition from high school to college. Just make sure to stay focused.”

The Warrior-Toro CS Pathway is accessible to all students interested in a computer science career. Students interested in the program should apply before the April 30 deadline.

“This program is meant to be inclusive not exclusive, ” Beltran said at the event.

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