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Bullet holes partially shatter windows in Life Sciences Room 105

The two bullet holes on the upper edges of a window pane in Life Sciences Room 105. The bullets partially shattered the window and ripped apart the fabrics used to block sunlight in the classroom. Photo credit: Emma Dimaggio

Two bullet holes were found on the Crenshaw Boulevard side of Life Sciences Room 105 on Wednesday, Nov. 22.

The holes were later realized by a lab technician on Thursday, Nov. 30. The bullet holes partially shattered the upper side of one of the windows of the classroom. The bullets also noticeably ripped up the fabric used to shade the classroom.

“I saw the damage,” Teresa Palos, biology professor, said.

The night duty dean on the night of Wednesday, Nov. 29, Walter Cox, associate dean of the fine arts department, had not been informed of the shots until The Union asked him about the incident.

“I wasn’t even informed of it,” Cox said. “(This is) the first I’ve heard of it.”

He also said that associate dean Berkeley Price hadn’t heard of the incident when he spoke to Price about it.

Around 3 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 30, students could be seen exiting their classroom to take a look at the bullet holes. They said that their professor had told them of the incident.

Palos said that the damage “did not interfere” and that her class at 9 a.m. on Thursday, Nov. 30 started on time.

The outside of Life Sciences Room 105, from the side of the classroom where the bullet holes were found. Photo credit: Emma Dimaggio

According to an email from police chief Michael Trevis, “A vandalism incident was reported in the early morning hours of Nov. 22 when campus was closed. A window in the Life Science Building was found to have damage – two holes that appear to be from a pellet gun.”

It appeared that professors of the classroom had just learned about the incident.

Amy Grant, dean of the life sciences division, said, “We don’t have any information,” in regards to the bullet holes.

Teresa Coulter, administrative assistant in the facilities department, also said she hadn’t heard of the incident.

“Why are we always the last ones to know,” Coulter said.

Trevis also stated in the email that security footage did not reveal the location of the perpetrator, as he could’ve been off campus when the shots were fired.

Editor’s Note: Corrections were made to lead of story clarifying the date of the incident, which was Wednesday, Nov. 22, not Friday, Nov. 22. The Union regrets these errors.

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