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Who knew Jazz and Spanish went so well together?

Concert Jazz Band performed their latest concert titled “Swing & Spain” in the Marsee Auditorium on Friday, Dec. 2. Photo credit: Elijah Hicks

The Marsee Auditorium hosted the ECC Concert Jazz Band and director Alan Chan on Friday night.

Although the venue seats over 2,000 people, only a couple dozen people filled the first couple rows and like that, the show began with “En Harmony”, a jazz vocal ensemble.

The performance was themed “Swing and Spain” which included typical jazz influenced music along with a couple Spanish influenced songs.

The director, Alan Chan, said he was given the opportunity to choose the theme and music. He said he wanted to commemorate the Spanish Civil War and did so by dedicating part of this show to it as well as choosing Spanish-themed songs.

Many different people attended as audience members, including family members of those performing and the general public.

“My husband and I came because we wanted to go out this evening,” Marlene Pierce, 67, said. “I’m just really glad students are still learning this kind of genre. So much of our older music is getting lost or forgotten about.”

Director Alan Chan gets the audience involved by encouraging them to clap during the performance. Friday Dec, 2. Marsee Auditorium ECC Photo credit: Elijah Hicks

While not many attended the performance, that did not stop Chan from trying to engage the audience as he clapped and asked the audience to join him, which resulted in the audience clapping along with the music again and again.

“At that point it didn’t seem like there were a little bit of people because there was so much noise in the room,” Susan Mallek, 35, Torrance resident, said. “I had a lot of fun.”

In between songs, Chan would step up to the microphone and give the band members credit for what they had just performed, as well as talk to the audience to give them a comforting feel.

“I came with my friend, who is friends with one of the [band members],” Christine Teller, 23, criminology major, said. “I’m not really into jazz, but this show was pretty cool.”

As the band prepared to perform their last song, Chan began to name all of his band members and the audience cheered as a sign of appreciation.

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