El Camino beach volleyball team continues to outperform opponents

El Camino’s beach volleyball team hosted Victor Valley College and Cypress College and outright dominated the competition last Friday.

The Warriors improved to 5-0 on the season after a 4-1 rout over Cypress and a 5-0 embarrassment over Victor Valley.

“We definitely worked hard four wins today, so I wouldn’t say it was easy,” sophomore Taylor Brydon said. “(But) Victor Valley was less of a challenge.”

A highlight for the Chargers comes from the fact that they were finally able to take pairs win vs. the Warriors.

Scores vs. Cypress – El Camino wins 4-1

  • No. 1 pair of Micah Hammond and Michelle Shimamoto are forced to three sets for the first time this season in a 21-13, 19-21 and 15-6 win.
  • No. 2 pair of Brydon and Brooklyn Rubio make it look easy in a 21-13 and 21-10 win.
  • No. 3 pair of Victoria Curtice and Megan Lim take a close match 21-19 and 21-18.
  • No. 4 pair of Aiko Waters and Kiana Takahashi cleanly sweep their opponents 21-8 and 21-16.
  • Cypress’ first ever pairs win comes in the No. 5 pair match vs. Cassie Montani and Jolene St. Pierre in a 21-16, 19-21 and 15-7 win. (This was St. Pierre’s first match since 2015 as she was not on the team last year and had not played this season).

Victor Valley (which was swept in both matches) has lots of room for improvement, but the Rams will need to find and employ a No. 5 pair before they can progress to where they’d like to be.

Although it doesn’t help that none of their pairs scored double digits in any set.

Scores vs. Victor Valley – El Camino wins 5-0

  • No. 1 Hammond/Shimamoto show their opponents what it means to be a top team in a 21-4 and 21-2 win.
  • No. 2 Brydon/Rubio complement their one’s team with a 21-7 and 21-2 win.
  • No. 3 Curtice/Lim mirrors the No. 1 team in a 21-2 and 21-4 win.
  • No. 4 Waters/Takahashi looked backed to form in a 21-4 and 21-5 win.
  • No. 5 Nina Wyer and Melissa Euyoque were slotted to play, but had to settle with a win by forfeit.

“(Our No. 5) team is still questionable as to who is going to be playing,” Brydon said. “I think it’s fair (that different players) play to see who is (the) best fit for that spot.”