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Campus Viewpoints: Halloween Plans

With Halloween right around the corner, The Union asked students what their plans were for Halloween and if they were planning on dressing up.


Angelica Gladin, 21, communication studies major

“I’m going to be having a scary movie night at my house with a couple of friends. One of my friends wants [us] to dress up as the priest and the nun but he wants me to dress up as the priest and he’ll be the nun but I, however, want to dress up as Coraline,” Gladin said.


Julian Pastor, 19, sign language and interpreter major

“On Halloween I’ll be dressing up in a blue marl suit and going to a concert by Archer Oh,” Pastor said.


John Derique Sanchez-Autry, 19, music major

“On Halloween I’ll be dressed up as a princess and I’ll be out trick or treating with all the boys and little girls and then I will go home and eat all my candy,” Sanchez-Autry said.


Daniel Mateos, 26, kinesiology major

“I’m having a costume party at work in Nordstrom where I will be dressing up as Nacho Libre,” Mateos said.


Ailar Esteba, 18, business major

“I’m going to a party, a Halloween party, [where] I might dress up as Minnie Mouse,” Esteba said.


Brian Buu, 30, undeclared major

“I’m going to dress up at work. I’ll probably just wear my military uniform ’cause I can’t wear my real costume,” Buu said. “I wanted to dress up as Adam from the Bible for Halloween but that’s not allowed where I work. I was gonna wear a nudish underwear and paste a leaf in the front and the back and then I would give people an apple and [they’d] tried to eat it and I’d be like, ‘No!,’ but I’m just going to wear my uniform.”


Rebecca Nunez, political science tutor

“I don’t have plans for Halloween. I don’t celebrate it ’cause I’m a Christian so we don’t celebrate Halloween. [It will be] just a normal day at home with my family, maybe watch a movie, eat dinner, just chill and do homework, whatnot. I think it’s on a Thursday this year so I’ll probably sleep and get ready for work the next day,” Nunez said.

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