Campus Viewpoints: Rising Gas Prices

Gas prices have been on the rise over the past few weeks so The Union asked students what their thoughts were on the recent spike in prices.


Sergio Hernandez, 18, biology major

“Gas is getting really expensive and it came out of nowhere like it was another dollar,” Hernandez said. “Luckily my car is pretty good economically and it isn’t too inconvenient.”


Miguel Maya, 24, automotive technology major

“It’s ridiculous how much it has gone up,” Maya said. “The economy keeps going up and down, it should be stable. And it adds up with having to bills as well.”


Jorge Hernandez, 20, administration of justice major

“It doesn’t affect me because I live about 5 minutes away,” Hernandez said. “When I go somewhere far like Irvine it does affect me since I drive a truck.”


Johnny Alarcom, 18, music major

“The gas prices don’t affect me much because I don’t own a car,” Alarcom said.

Brandon Martin

Brandon Martin, 20, business major

“With the prices getting higher, it sucks because I go to school every day I have to fill up a lot so it costs me a lot more to fill up,” Martin said.