Campus Viewpoints: Favorite Hangout Spots at ECC

The Union asked students what their favorite hangout spots at El Camino College were.

Oscar Macias/ The Union

Thai’ler Gallager, 18, psychology major

“I hang out everywhere, but usually near the [Campus] Deli or the stairs near there,” Gallager said. “I like hanging there mostly because of all the shade that you can find.”

Oscar Macias/ The Union

Nancy Juarez, 18, kinesiology major

“I would say that it would have to be the second floor of the library,” Juarez said. “Since me and my friend’s schedules are similar, we usually meet up there to hang out for a bit before the next class.”

Oscar Macias/ The Union

Adam Carpenter, 18, computer science major

“For me it would definitely be the trees in front of the Music Building because of all the shade that the trees give,” Carpenter said. “The breeze also helps out a lot too.”

Oscar Macias/ The Union

Jesus Pimentel, 18, history major

“I have two spots, the patio outside of the Physics Building and the Student Services Building,” Pimentel said. “The reason is because the small patio has shade I can hang [out] the Student Services Building because it’s a nice spot to chill and get help if you need it.”

Oscar Macias/ The Union

Darma Chacon, 20, English major

“The library patio because I like to have a view when working on assignments, it’s also convenient for me because of the charging stations on the desks.”