Students share their thoughts on Coachella

Coachella is a little more than a week away and The Union set out around campus and asked students whether or not they were going.

marco m (2).jpg

Marco Marruto, 25, engineering major

“No, its too much money but I wish I could. Some of my friends are going though since they’re huge K-Pop fans.”

erik h (2).jpg

Erik Hernandez, 21, kinesiology major

“No, I don’t like doing mainstream stuff. It’s not really my setting anyways.”

jean d (2).jpg

Jean Montoya, 19, psychology major

“It’s a thought but I’m not really interested in it. It’s never really gotten my attention.”

brian p (2).jpg

Brian Perez, 18, architecture major

“No, I haven’t really thought about it, besides its too much money. I would if I could though.”