Campus Viewpoints: Places to eat around campus

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The Union set out to ask students about their favorite places to eat around campus. Convenient and with low prices, they gave out some ideas of where to go and what to get.


Rezelle Gervacio, 20, Nursing major Photo credit: Diamond Brown

Rezelle Gervacio, 20, nursing major

“I like to go to Triple-T, my favorite thing to get is Thai Tea Boba with popcorn chicken and fries.”


Ruvy Balinbin, 20, Nursing major Photo credit: Diamond Brown

Ruvy Balinbin, 20, nursing major

“I like to go to Triple-T to get a Thai Tea Boba and some popcorn chicken,” Balinbin said. “The location is convenient because it’s right down the street from the school.”


Shalon Byers, 30, cosmetology major Photo credit: Diamond Brown

Shalom Byers, 30, cosmetology major

“I like the sushi bar across the street,” Byers said. “I like to get the California roll or spicy shrimp; plus, it’s close and convenient.”


Litzy Guzman, 18, criminology major Photo credit: Roseana Martinez

Litzy Guzman, 18, political science major

“I like to go to Taco Bell to get a chicken quesadilla and a Baja Blast freeze,” Guzman said. “It’s cheap and convenient.”


Melany Jaime, 18, undecided Photo credit: Roseana Martinez

Melany Jaime, 18, undecided

“I like to go to Taco Bell but my favorite place to go is McDonald’s,” Jaime said. “I go there like almost every day to get two McChickens and a medium fry and a caramel frappe.”


Henry Jimenez, 18, mechanical engineer major, enjoys eating at Cafe Camino. Photo credit: Roseana Martinez

Henry Jimenez, 18, engineering major

“I usually come to eat here at El Camino Café to get sandwiches and paninis,” Jimenez said. “It’s quiet and convenient away from the rest of campus.”

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