Diversity is what makes our country great


Illustration by Jose Tobar

When you attend a cultural celebration on campus, your senses are triggered with the smells of exotic food, the rhythm of enchanted music, and the smiles of happy people willing to share their traditions.

It is good to celebrate the importance of diversity and culture on campus.

Being aware of different cultures gives you perspective and increases the possibility of accepting.

Everyone has roots, ancestors, and a geographic origin but as Americans there is a unity that brings the diversity of people together.

In the passed couple months El Camino College has celebrated many cultural events including Hispanic Heritage Month, Dia De Los Muertos, International week, and more.

All this has been possible because students, faculty and staff take pride in their heritage; and are willing to share their history with anyone who is interested.

As the holiday season approaches, the EC community will celebrate in a number of ways whether it be gathering around the table with their family and friends for Thanksgiving or lighting the menorah for Hanukkah.

These traditions are celebrated among many Americans and to some, it is the American Dream. Any time when family and friends gather to share a meal and be grateful is time well spent.

Over the years and after many wars, these traditions and dreams continue.

The idea of a nation where diversity should be celebrated, it is crazy to think that the discussion of the eradication of birth rights would be possible today.

This nation has grown and stuck together because of the free beliefs of democracy that make the people have strength.

According to the 14th Amendment all persons born in the U.S are citizens of the U.S. and the State they are residents of.

It is democracy that keeps the American dream alive.

The beating heart of this country is shared by all the people that make it succeed.

The campus is full of diversity, from age, ethnicity, gender, and it is all shown in the Annual Fact Book which is created by the Office of Institutional Research.

According to the EC Fact Book, the campus is diverse with 51 percent Latino students, 15 percent African American students and 15 percent Asian students.

Diversity goes far beyond ethnicity and expands to age and gender.

It is a living community and within the grounds of EC carries the footsteps of the people of the world.

Celebrating the cultures that walk these grounds should be encouraged as it teaches us who you are and where you came from.

Being proud of the uniqueness of your culture and diversity is America and is something that El Camino should continue to celebrate every semester.

Every class contains some sort of cultural learning experience but when you are on the Library Lawn and you are enjoying exotic food from a culture you just found out exists, it will open your mind to new horizons.

People might express happiness in different ways depending on their culture and thats OK but you will never know if the chance to celebrate and the moment to show is not allowed.

It is important to have diversity because it will make you a better person with wider perspectives.

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