Campus Viewpoints: What shows are students and staff currently bingeing or enjoying?

Jarell Mickens 17, undecided major: “Martin, (is) pretty much it, (because) Martin (is) just funny, that’s Martin.”

Anthony Trujillo 18, real estate major and Stephany Ramos 18, animal science major:

Anthony: “Empire is a good show to watch.”

Stephany: “Riverdale, it’s interesting and mysterious”

Camila Jenkin 28, Part-time Librarian: “Oh it’s an oldie, Arrested Development.”

Olivia Sanchez 21, Psychology major: “Criminal Minds, it’s really interesting, I find it interesting.”

Luis Seche 18, Accounting major: “I’ve been watching ‘Stranger Things’ actually, I find it (to be) a really interesting show.”