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Up for debate: Homecoming dances can provide students a healthy outlet for stress

Yes, its true somewhere right now there is a college getting ready to celebrate another homecoming dance.

It does seem a bit childish that colleges still put on events like this. It seems like instead of moving on from high school we keep trying to keep it alive.

But it isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it’s great that even in college, we can still have experiences like these.

It’s a chance to put on our best clothes and forget about all the stress that we encountered during the week.

Maybe you didn’t get the opportunity to experience something like this in high school. Now, you had the chance to live it.

You get a chance to relive the memories and excitment that come with having a homecoming.

The music, the atomosphere, the chance to pick a homecoming king and queen, its all there.It even starts off with a homecoming game from our very own football team.

Not only do you get a dance but, you get to a football game, halftime show and a chance to show off some school spirit.

Both current students of El Camino and alumni are invited to come out and literally just dance the night away.

It’s a great outlet to release stress in a safe environment surrounded by people you know and get along with. You even get a chance to meet new people and possibly make a new connection.

Since it is in collaboration with the athletic division you are sure to meet new faces and help the community grow strong.

Not only will you benefit from having a nice night out, but you also get a chance to help out your school.

The money used for the tickets can be used for future school events or any projects that are being made to benefit students.

This year, even without money, you could still enjoy homecoming by simply donating five canned goods or perishables in exchange for a ticket in.

So not only do you get a chance to enjoy free food and music, but you get a chance to help support your school and its community.

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