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International students should be paying more than residential students

International and out-of-state students at El Camino get charged more than those who are residents of California and that is acceptable.

Students who choose to attend EC will have to pay $50 for an application to enroll, as well as $288 per unit per semester and an $803 fee for health insurance on campus per semester.

I think that international students should have to pay more than residential students.

There are currently 600+ international students attending El Camino, the director of the International Student Program said.

The health insurance fee only applies to international students with a Visa, according to the El Camino website.

Although these fees are extremely high, they are reasonable due to the fact that we as California residents pay taxes.

I agree with students who aren’t residents to be charged these fees.

These non-resident fees apply to those who have been living in California for less than one year prior to attending EC, according to the El Camino website.

Although EC’s fees are fairly high for non-resident students, Santa Monica College charges non-resident students $331 per unit every semester on top of other fees.

International students at SMC have to pay $600 for health insurance every semester plus an additional $200 their first semester. This is similar to EC’s fees.

Rachman said that each district in the state of California has the right to put their own price charges for non-resident students at colleges and universities.

I believe that is the right way to go about it, because charging non-residents and international students more is OK, due to the fact that California residents have bills to pay at high rates and rent is at sky high prices.

The price for being a resident can sometimes be greater due to bills already established by the State of California such as electricity, gas, rent, among other expenses.

Even though California community colleges charge an out-of-state fee to non residents and it seems unfair, other U.S. states do it as well.

International students could pay up to $16,000 only because of the added fees and the health insurance they purchase through the school.

In all fairness, the out-of-state and international fees seem reasonable because of the added protection that the schools offer these students.

This only seems fair if you take into consideration that there’s risks with accepting someone who hasn’t resided in the state for which they are applying for school.

A possible solution for international students to not get charged the health insurance fee is for them to go out and get their own health insurance.

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