Homeless people have to eat too


Illustration by Eugene Chang

Homelessness has been a problem for many years all around the world and in many Southern California cities, a law was passed making it illegal to feed the homeless.

By passing this law it restricts those with a good heart from trying to do a good deed and give back to those unfortunate.

Wanting to help those without food doesn’t sound like a crime to me.

The threats and the charges aren’t stopping these men from doing what they think is right and will continue to feed the homeless.

These people are human beings and keeping them from being fed and having clothes to put on their back is appalling.

Growing up I have been very fortunate to have the things that I could ask for and every time I saw a homeless man or women I wanted to do something to help.

Someone had recently told me that the more we feed the homeless the more they will become dependent on others to feed them.

It did get me thinking and it did makes sense but if we stop granting food to these people, what’s going to stop them from asking for money?

Robert Marbut said on National Public Radio and stated in the Huffington Post that ” more than 90 percent of money given to the homeless is wasted on things like drugs and alcohol, and feeding the poor results in preventing people from going into the 24/7 programming.”

Proving food isn’t a crime and providing food isn’t giving them access to drugs or alcohol as providing money does.

This law should be overturned, food is a necessity and everyone rich or poor should have it and those providing it shouldn’t be punished.