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Fantasy sports is a gamble

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Any form or fantasy sports should be considered gambling and illegal in the state of Tennessee according to an opinion by state Attorney General Herbert Slatery.

Although I think it shouldn’t be illegal and if California took after Tennessee it would upset me, but in reality participating in fantasy sports is gambling.

DraftKings is one of the most popular sites to play daily fantasy sports. People can choose any sport and pick players creating a lineup to compete for prizes for that day. According to their website, participating is legal because 42 out of 50 states allow it and it goes on to say, “Daily fantasy sports is a skill game and not considered gambling.”

The definition of gambling is playing games of chance for money; bet. So DraftKings is a skill game, that people bet on and take a chance of winning or losing money; That seems like gambling to me.

In states such as Illinois and New York daily fantasy sports are considered gambling but Slatery is attempting to go beyond that by “covering all fantasy sports,” according to an article on, a website for a news company located in Nashville.

Personally I play all kinds of fantasy sports whether it’s just with friends or daily fantasy going up against random people and attempting to win money that day.

People control how much they participate but playing is a risk because the outcome of professional players is uncertain, even if someone thinks they know enough about the players and sport.

According to, nearly 75 million Americans planned on playing fantasy football alone in 2015, “spending $4.6 billion.”

All of my friends and including myself, that play fantasy sports don’t just play for fun, there is always money involved. Money always makes things more interesting and it makes fantasy more competitive and exciting.

Fantasy sports continues to grow and according to (Fantasy Sports Trade Association) the amount of people playing in the United States and Canada has risen every year since 2005.

Fantasy sports are fun and are becoming more popular each year. The people that play or understand how it works should realize it is indeed gambling.

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Fantasy sports is a gamble