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College students need cash

Illustration by Eugene Chang

It is ideal to carry around a thin wallet with the debit or credit cards you need rather than a bundle of cash, but it is not the easiest or safest way to pay for your needs and wants.

With technology advancing the way it is, many people want a fast and efficient way to pay for the things they need.

Venmo is an app for your phone that was created to be able to request money from your friends who also have the app. It is linked directly to your bank account, which can be very unsafe in the event of an accident.

When you have any issues with a product like Venmo you should call for assistance. Venmo doesn’t have that form of help so you are on your own when something goes wrong with your account.

“In true millennial fashion, Venmo has essentially zero staffers standing by in case of emergency,” said in a article by

Carrying cash is a way to save money when you go out with your friends. Going to a bar it is more convenient to hand your card to the bartender and start a tab but that is how many people are spending more than they intend.

It’s faster to hand your card over compared to fumbling for the amount of cash you need but the outcome is worth it. Cash is a nice visual to know how much money you actually have and are willing to use that day.

“It’s easier if you pay cash. When going out drinking, only take with you the amount you’re happy to spend that night, and no plastic cards,” said in a article by

Also, there is the occasional convenience store or small business that only accepts cash or charges you a fee for paying with a card.

El Camino’s “Cafe Camino” accepts cards but charges a fee if it is under their price limit.

For example, if there is a $5 limit for paying with a card it is likely you will buy more to reach the limit.

“As a consumer, cash represents one of the safest investments possible while preparing you for uncertain times,” said in a article by

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