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There’s no ‘pro’ in profile

There’s this one thing I always notice while on social media, but seldom will I act on it.

It’s a weird combination of self-doubt and jelousy, and believe me, It doesn’t feel good at all.

Social media sites leave myself and thousands of others feeling like we’re not good enough, caught up in the race to see who can get the most likes or shares from our peers.

It’s no secret that humans, millennials in particular, are caught up in social media. According to a article, 90 percent of young adults (18-29 years old) use social media.

Since almost everyone has a profile, Instagram can make an empty room feel full to the brim; a party where everyone attending tries to one-up each other, one filter at a time.

Some people like myself who like to keep posts to a non-annoying level, can get a feeling of insecurity that comes from seeing everyone else indulge in showing off whatever activity they did that day while I scroll by reading everything from my couch after a boring day.

A 2013 study published on found that “the more people used Facebook the worse they subsequently felt.”

While the study also said Facebook use wasn’t affected by mood, one is led to believe that the negative mood could’ve been caused by social media.

While it may feel good to see friends and family “like” your posts, the feedback isn’t always positive.

Negative posts are littered throughout the online landscape, and for young people who may be more sensitive to such attitudes, it can be very damaging to self-esteem.

A 2015 guardian article featured responses from numerous 18-24 year-old women, many of whom felt insecure when using Instagram.

“I do feel pressure to look good in the photos I put up. I don’t feel anxious about not getting enough likes on a photo but if it doesn’t get enough likes, I will take it down,” Summer Andrews, 18, said in the article.

The pressure Andrews talks about is common, especially so for women in this age, and young people would be better served to lay off the gram for a while, if not cut it and other apps out entirely.

Social media sites were created to enhance communications, and they’re a great way to mingle with friends, but I’d still rather hear the negatives in person.

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