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Free college gives more opportunity

Illustration by Eugene Chang

People like free items whether it’s free food, free clothes, or even free education.

The state of Kentucky recently passed a bill allowing high school graduates, students who are home schooled, or those with a GED diploma to attend community college for free.

Although there are requirements that come with having a free education in community colleges, such as keeping an average GPA of a 2.0 and also having 12 credits, there are plenty of reasons to like the idea of having a free education.

For example, students who are struggling financially in their daily lives will be able to save more of their money by attending a free college which would lower their stress level.

In Germany, although the country raises their taxes on their citizens, it creates a country wide, free education in colleges for students.

If it became country wide, free tuition would create a priority towards education, giving a bigger incentive to learn since it would be more accessible to students.

People on the poverty line would also have the ability to go to community college with the promise of a better future for themselves.

With a better future students who are less privileged are more likely to to deter crime in their city, education would allow less of a reason to commit a felony or seek financial stability through illicit activity.

Through gaining a free education, people would have the ability to create more jobs or maintain more jobs that will then stimulate the economy and allow that poverty line to shift for the better.

What I’m beginning to notice, is that there are more and more people who don’t know what they want to do with themselves.

I know so many people who are still undecided in their major and undecided on whether or not they even want to go to college because they think they may be wasting their time and money.

With free college tuition however, it would not only motivate, but also give those who are undecided a chance to be more productive with a brighter future.

Something that I would be able to feel relief from if I were able to have free tuition in community college is the ability to take classes that I found interesting without having the consequence of paying for the class.

For those who drop the classes, students wouldn’t have the worry about money coming in or out of their pockets depending on what their situation is.

Debt in college is something that is also hurting students. If it were possible to have this free education, debt wouldn’t be an option either which ultimately saves everyone more money than they originally had.

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