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The government needs our help

With the growing amount of terrorism in our country the government has been trying to get more and more involved in our lives in order to protect us because it is their job to keep the country safe.

The government should be able to monitor one’s phone because it can prevent terrorism before something unexpected occurs.

For instance, the recent act of terrorism in San Bernardino last December which left 14 dead people in the mass shooting, made people feel like they’re not safe.

The F.B.I said that based on a Facebook post they could tell that the couple were suspects of being the shooters, according to a New York Times article.

If the government would have had access to the information of the two shooters, they could of have done a better job at protecting the victims’ lives or the situation could have been stopped from happening at all.

There are many suspects that are free because police doesn’t have enough evidence to prosecute them.

My cousin’s girlfriend found an iPhone in a park when she was going home. She thought that someone had dropped, so when she turned on the phone started to vibrate, and the police arrived to her house.

The police took her to the station and asked her why she had that phone. She told the police that she found it but she didn’t know who the owner was. The police told her that she had found the last evidence that they needed to close a case.

The government should also have the right to know what people are doing and people should be OK if they don’t have anything to hide.

The government will have more control on those people who are suspicious of terrorism or drug trafficking.

In 2008 about 49,823 kilograms of cocaine was brought to the U.S and about 660,970 kilograms of marijuana, according to the website Drug Abuse.

Therefore government should know ahead of time to stop all the drugs from coming in.

Even though, plenty of people think that if government monitor their phones that’s against their constitutional rights. However, according to the website,, 51% of people said that government should spy on them.

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