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Old school is better than new school

There’s nothing like reading a good old fashioned book.

In an age where technology is everywhere, people cherish old relics of the past that are dying.

As the world advances into the future, things are changing, from the way people pay their bills, the way they find a date and also the way they learn.

Despite the arrival of new electronic books, or e-books, textbooks still rule the classroom, and are still very much relevant.

The price, reliability, and simplicity of traditional textbooks have them still as the preferred way to study and retain information.

Most students agree as well.

A study in 2014 conducted by Publisher’s weekly showed that 57 percent of the sample size preferred textbooks, 21 percent liked both formats and 21 percent liked using e-books.

Textbooks are friendlier to the student budget because they are cheaper than purchasing a tablet or laptop and after acquiring a device you still have to buy the e-book.

Students can rent a textbook, buy a used one or even borrow one from the library to save money. Textbooks can also be resold either to someone else or back to the seller once the semester’s over too.

An e-book has no resale value.

Another benefit of using textbooks is that the learning process works better on paper rather than on a screen.

According to a 2012 TIME magazine article, it says that “physical books are best when you want to study complex ideas and concepts that you wish to integrate deeply into your memory.”

The article explains that people have a easier time recalling what they learned on paper over learning on a screen. The article added that the smaller the screen, the harder it is to retain information.

Having the textbook on hand also allows students to take better notes writing on their book. It’s harder to type notes and have the e-book open switching applications back and forth while keeping up with a professor lecturing.

Having a tablet with an e-book compromises the students’ ability to pay attention with all the distractions a tablet provides.

With the unlimited range and variety of applications that can be downloaded to a tablet, you’ll likely have social networks and games installed.

The temptation that comes with an e-book is risky especially when connected to the internet to either slack off on Facebook and even to possibly cheat.

Textbooks wipe away the distractions because all the student has is a book to look at.

I’m pretty sure you can’t binge watch a season of “The Walking Dead” on Netflix or try to beat your high score on “Candy Crush” during class using a book.

The times are changing, and items we used to use everyday are quickly becoming obsolete. But textbooks are definitely not one of them.

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