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Students shouldn’t cut corners in parking lots


Parking tickets need to be issued for illegal parking.

What if you’re running late to class and all of the parking spots are taken by students parking in red or yellow zones, or without a parking permit at all?.

Do you join them? or wait to find an acceptable spot?

Some students would dropout of school from their parking rage. If parking tickets were not issued on campus it would become a “Nightmare on Elm Street” in the parking lots.

If you have a strict teacher that requires all students to show up to class on time, you would have to show up to the campus about one hour earlier everyday just to find parking.

If the campus offered free parking for all students it would be a train wreck the first weeks of school. Students would be better off grabbing their books and throwing them in the trash to start a career at McDonald’s because there’s no way a student struggling to make it to class on time could survive a semester.

Especially since most professors will drop students who are frequently late or miss one of the first sessions.

Students that care about their education and students that actually attend the campus wouldn’t be able to find parking if there weren’t rules.

The majority of students interviewed agreed that those without parking permits should park off campus.

Without parking permits being issued staff members would have a difficult getting to their classes on time due to the fact that students will most likely fill all the spots.

Parking tickets not being issued for illegal parking could have an effect on students and the faculty in the long term.

Some students might not be able to take a class that is needed, and faculty might show up late to teach classes due to parking.

For those that want to avoid the problem, there are other options.

A good alternative spot for students is the Crenshaw Station, It’s free to park there. After parking there students could either take the 10 bus for one dollar or the 210 or 710 metro bus for $1.75 a dollar to campus.

According to the school’s website, parking regulations are enforced on the campus 24/7, and parking illegally could lead you with a fine that’s a minimum of $40.

Students have two choices, pay $40 for a possible fine or be patient and wait for the right spot. Make the right choice and save yourself the trouble.

Click here for more information about parking rules and regulations on campus.

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