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No tickets for students without parking options


Students are constantly trying to find the best classes to fit their schedule, and this includes trying to making it to the classes they have on time.

But as everyone knows, the first few weeks of school are the absolute hardest weeks to find a decent parking space.

Why should I waste time finding parking when I need to get to class?

According to the parking regulations posted online for students, parking permits are $35, or $20 with an ASB sticker.

But even so, students need to pay a $10 fee for ASB every semester, so students are still paying $30 or more every semester.

I mean on the first day alone a student will have to put up with the traffic just to get in a parking stall. And, if and when you find a parking spot you still might have to find a parking meter and pay $3.

Or, you could park on the street.

But not everyone that drives to El Camino feels safe enough to find a parking spot on the street because they are more open to theft, and the residential streets near campus are often marked to restrict parking during school hours.

Rather than park on the street, students want to park somewhere safe where we know its okay to park.

Nobody wants to withdraw from an early class, and you don’t want to be late on the first week or else you could lose a spot in a class that you might need. Teachers will drop a student on the first day.

Believe me, it is hard enough trying to add classes that you desperately need.

But if you don’t want to pay for a permit, or didn’t have time to get a good spot, you’ll get a ticket from the campus police.

I would like to park my car in any spot that is available on campus and not be ticketed, especially if I don’t feel like parking on the street. I mean I am already rushing to get to class on time.

It creates too much of a hassle for students to pay for a ticket. We also have classes we have to pay for and the books that come along with it; not to mention selling our old or rented textbooks back to the Bookstore and buying supplies for our new classes.

Now with all that madness, does it look like I have money to pay for a ticket? Parking is already terrible as it is and giving more tickets isn’t going to change the situation.

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