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Bookstore buy back is worth it

Illustration by Eugene Chang

What do all students have in common at the end of every semester? Books they will never use again.

Some people like to argue that it’s better to sell them on sites like Amazon, put up fliers, and ask friends who will take them in the next semester. At the end of the day it’s much more convenient to sell the books back to the campus.

According to the Bookstore’s page on the EC website, books can be sold back at any point in time during the course of the semester. It’s so convenient. Most students go to the campus multiple days a week. It’s literally right there.

So, while it is recommended that you sell your book at the end of the semester (it is stated on the page that you can receive up to 50 percent of what the book originally cost), the fact remains that the Bookstore makes themselves accessible to the students by allowing buy back at any point during the year.

While selling textbooks to major sites like Amazon sounds appealing (because in honest truth, there are more books they will accept), there are still a lot of problems with doing that.

According to customer reviews on an Amazon textbook buy back forum, there were customers who reported that even though they sold the site perfect, unused books, they were only able to sell the books back in “good” condition.

There should be an option for which condition you set the book up for that gives more than one price and unfortunately, the website just isn’t flexible.

Then, there is the matter of actually sending the books in. While shipping books back can be a seemingly painless process, if you go to the Bookstore you can bypass that altogether.

It saves the student’s time and energy and they don’t have to worry about processing or waiting for the funds to be delivered. By going straight to the Bookstore, you’re in and out with cash in hand.

Plus, posting up fliers up on campus and hoping someone will contact you gives you absolutely no guarantee that someone will contact you to buy the book.

And even if you should find someone who wants to take the book from you, meeting up with a stranger can be a bit unnerving. Not to say that everyone you meet will be sketch, but it’s safer to go with a place like the Bookstore.

And while some may argue that it may not be worth it (because in truth you are not automatically guaranteed the full 50 percent and there are strict terms for what they will accept), the fact remains that you’re getting something which is better than not seeing anything come back to you at all.

Update: May 4, 12:41 p.m., The term “Bookstore” was not capitalized. Mistakes were corrected.

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