Meet the 2022-’23 Associated Students Organization


The 2022-23 Associated Students Organization and El Camino Trustees host a meet and greet before the start of the open session during a Board of Trustees meeting on Sept. 6. From left to right: Vice President of Student Services Ross Miyashiro, Trustee Trisha Murakawa, Advisor Greg Toya, Student Trustees Sidney Lee, Allen Park, Jana Abulaban, Trustee Kenneth Brown, Luisa Parede, Trustee Nilo Michelin, Trustee Cliff Numark, Trustee Katherine Maschler and Vice President of Administrative Services Robert Suppelsa. (Photo courtesy of Kerri Webb for The Union)

The 2022-2023 Associated Students Organization cabinet members for El Camino College were introduced and held a presentation during a Board of Trustees meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 6, in the Administration Building.

New Associated Students Organization (ASO) President Jana Abulaban, a two-year psychology major who immigrated from Palestine, kicked off the board meeting by introducing herself and the rest of the “ASO family.”

The 2022-23 ASO officers boast 10 executive cabinet members, 11 senators, six commissioners and three advisors

Present at the meeting along with Abulaban was ASO Vice President Luisa Paredes, Student Trustee Sidney Lee, Director of External Affairs Allen Park and ASO advisor and Director of Student Development for El Camino College, Greg Toya.

Abulaban presented a formal report to the Board of Trustees highlighting the special projects and responsibilities that the Associated Students Organization planned to prioritize during the current fall semester.

High among the list of priorities for the ASO is the Student Voter Project, co-chaired by advisor Toya and ASO member Park.

The intent of the project is to increase college student participation in national, state and local elections.

“The whole purpose of this committee is to increase student voter registration and turnout,” Abulaban said. “There’s also a ‘ballot bowl’ competition between different colleges and universities in California to see which campus can get the most students registered to vote.”

Beyond the social responsibility of increasing student turnout, Abulaban said that ​​the ASO wants to win this year as El Camino came in second the previous time the competition was held, losing out only to Santa Monica College.

As the new Associated Students Organization president finished up her report, Board Member Nilo Michelin thanked her and the ASO for its continued efforts.

“We have a long tradition of working with ASO, we look forward to working with you and the new team,” said Michelin.

2022-2023 Associated Students Organization list:


Executive Cabinet

President: Jana Abulaban

Vice President: Luisa Paredes

Student Trustee: Sidney Lee

Director of Finance: Uzair Pasta

Director of Student Services: Kika Akpenyi

Director of Human Resources: Alondra Alvarado

Director of External Affairs: Allen Park

Director of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion: Matt Schulz

Director of Academic Affairs: Hameeda Uloomi

Director of Public Relations: N/A


Senator of Behavioral & Social Sciences: Jessica Venegas

Senator of Behavioral & Social Sciences: Linus Yeh

Senator of Business: Sheriff Abdrahman

Senator of Health, Sciences & Athletics: Audrey Bennet

Senator of Health, Sciences & Athletics: Oscar Hernandez

Senator of Humanities: Patrick Hahn

Senator of Humanities: Heman Urban

Senator of Mathematical Sciences: Rebecca Gloyer

Senator of Mathematical Sciences: Ana Florentino

Senator of Natural Sciences: Bella Ismail

Senator of Natural Sciences: J Arden Jackson


Commissioner of Student Services: Monique Love

Commissioner of Student Services: Sophia Cruz

Commissioner of Finance: Kennedy Hayashi

Commissioner of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion: Charletta Royster-McNeish

Commissioner of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion: Katrina Tiqui

Commissioner of External Affairs: Naomi Garcia