Man arrested by campus police after Marsee Auditorium break-in


An El Camino College campus police vehicle spotted near the Student Services Building on Feb. 22. (Khoury Williams | The Union)

A man was arrested after breaking into an office and stealing a web cam and a phone charger from the Marsee Auditorium on May 8, campus police said.

Officers responded to reports of a burglary with items stolen at the Marsee Auditorium just before 5 p.m.

Officers began patrolling the area when they found the suspect in front of the auditorium the next night, El Camino Police Detective Gary Robertson said.

“Our officers started doing enhanced patrols [in] that area and Officer [Kenny] Galan was on duty,” Robertson said. “He noticed a suspicious person in the area, stopped and detained that individual, and he was subsequently arrested.”

Officer Galan recovered the items from the suspect, along with a set of district keys also taken on May 2, which the suspect used to get into the locked auditorium office, Robertson said.

“The set of district keys that was stolen back on the second [of May] were for that building,” Robertson said. “So he was able to unlock the door to enter the building and interior offices as he saw fit.”

The suspect, only described by officials as a male, was booked into the Torrance Police Department while campus police investigate. He is not a current student from El Camino, Robertson said.

This latest burglary comes less than two weeks after the Cashier’s Office was ransacked by another man. The suspect in that break-in has not been caught.