Seven most affordable gas stations near El Camino College


An electronic sign signifies to customers at the Costco wholesale gas station in Hawthorne that using the pumps to fill up gasoline canisters is not allowed. (Alex Ponce | The Union)

Gas is expensive and getting even more so.

According to the American Automobile Association, the current average price for regular unleaded gasoline in the state of California is $5.74 per gallon. Just a month ago the state average was $5.86, meaning prices have decreased by 12 cents.

Taking a more detailed look the American Automobile Association identifies the Los Angeles/Long Beach counties’ current gas price average at $5.82 per gallon, 12 cents more than the state average. Last month the county average for the Los Angeles/Long Beach area reached $5.99, current county average prices have decreased by 17 cents.

Although prices are slowly decreasing, gas is still considered expensive.

The Union has previously covered increasing gas prices, the causes and local effects. But what can El Camino College’s community members on a budget do to avoid overpaying at the pump?

The Union found and visited the seven most affordable gas stations within 5 miles of campus. Find out which affordable gas station is closest to you and get a feel for what our local communities think about the high cost of gas.

Keep in mind these prices are accurate as of the publishing date. With gas prices still fluctuating, The Union recommends using web services such as to find your own affordable gas stations, wherever they may be.

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