2021 Student Campus Climate Survey reviewed at College Council meeting

The 2021 Student Campus Climate survey was presented during the El Camino College Council meeting on Dec. 6.

The survey that was presented is not the final result.

The survey gathered feedback from both students and faculty on the current state of diversity at El Camino College (ECC). Those who responded to the survey were asked about their comfort level concerning race, gender, sex, gender identity, religion, national origin, age, economic and disability status.

Institutional Research Director, Viviana Unda, has been conducting surveys on the current state of ECC.

“I want to remind the committee that we administered the survey online last spring,” Unda said. ” We added the number of respondents because the response rate was low so we wanted to present additional information to everybody on campus so they could understand that this is good information and take this information based on that.”

An email with the survey attached was sent to 860 students. However, only 4.6% of the 860 survey participants responded. Faculty, however, had a response rate with 35% out of 447 employees responding to the survey.

The number of African American students who reported having a negative experience in all of the previously mentioned categories was a source of concern during the meeting, as the survey found that 46% of African American respondents reported a negative experience, a 15% increase from the previous year’s figure of 31%.

Some of the faculty also reported a negative experience, with 65% reporting a sense of microaggression.

Members who attended the council meeting are now waiting to see the final results of the survey.