After a semester of controversy, Parking Lot C is finished and available for use

Emma DiMaggio
The north side of the new parking structure, Lot C, on campus.

Located on Manhattan Beach Boulevard, Parking Lot C is in use, and has been under construction since approximately April 2015.

Technical arts and shop buildings were torn down to make way for the new parking Lot C, which contains 1,443 spaces.

“Parking Lot C is finished to the point where we can use it,” President Dena Maloney said.

Despite the fact that Parking Lot C is usable, it is still missing some minor details called louvers, Maloney said.

Louvers are shutters that hang at regular intervals in a door, shutter or screen to allow air or light to pass through.

The louvers for the lot are still being manufactured and will face towards Manhattan Beach Boulevard. These will be installed on the north side of the parking structure.

Thus far, there has been no announcement relating to when the louvers will be set up.

Students have noticed the increase in parking spaces this semester. Some students don’t agree that the parking structure was a bad decision.

Joseph Nuno, 24, welding major, said that parking in Lot C was a much more convenient way to get to his welding class.

The creation of the parking structure hasn’t come without its share of controversy.

On October 6, 2016, the community around El Camino Village united to sue the college district to stop construction on Parking Lot C, because of concerns that the parking structure would allow people to see into the backyards of El Camino Village homes.

Privacy issues relating to this were acknowledged in a 2016 article by The Union.

Director of Facilities Thomas Brown said that both the sound and lighting from the parking structure would not affect the neighborhood across the street.