Spanish Department hosts ’80th Spanish Civil War Anniversary’


Ramon Duarte Alvarez, a speaker native of Spain, speaks to audience about the military trenches he has found from the Spanish Civil War era. Although he said that there is fortifications that date back later than the Civil War, his focus is mainly on trenches dating back to 1936-1937. Photo credit: Alba E. Mejia

The Spanish Department hosted the “80th Anniversary Of The Spanish Civil War” in the Alondra Room this week which featured different events starting on Tuesday and ending on Saturday, according to a flier in the Humanities Building.

Professors from El Camino such as Bernie Rang and Silvia Ribelles De La Vega kicked off the series of events on Tuesday with their own speeches regarding the civil war.

De La Vega was in charge of putting the event together.

Consulate General of Spain and Ambassador Javier Vallaure speaks before presenting the next speaker. During his speech he recognized Dean Tom Lew, thanked President Dena Maloney. He also thanked faculty member Sylvia Rivelles de la Vega for reaching out and making this event possible. Photo credit: Alba E. Mejia

“It took her about a year to make a four day event possible,” Spanish Professor Alicia Class said.

Class performed on Wednesday afternoon alongside Jon Minei who teaches Music on campus.

“Today’s performance was coordinated with the talk that Dr. Brian Morris gave on “Federico Garcia Lorca,” Class said.”I think that events such as this one are very important because Hispanic culture is not just one country.”

The series of events will conclude on Saturday night with a concert in the Marsee Auditorium at 7:30 p.m. which will include performances by “Guitar Program Students”.

Dena Maloney.JPG
President Dena Maloney opens up the presentation of the 80th anniversary of the Spanish Civil War, this past Wednesday, Nov. 9. The event took place in the Alondra Room. Maloney presented the next guest speaker, which was the Consul General of Spain, Javier Vallaure. Photo credit: Alba E. Mejia