ASB sticker offers big deals and discounts for students

As the semester draws near to a start, new and returning students are finalizing their schedules and paying off their final fees, and one of those includes deciding on whether or not to purchase an ASB sticker for the semester.

The Auxiliary Services Board (ASB) sticker comes as part of the Student Activities Fee, and offers a variety of on- and off-campus discounts to students, including food, entertainment and personal care services.

The sticker is available to all El Camino and El Camino-Compton Center students for $10 as part of the Student Activities Fee, but can be declined if the student chooses to.

Amusements and Attractions

The ASB sticker offers stickers to numerous Southern California amusement parks and attractions including Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, Aquarium of the Pacific and Universal Studios.

ECC Events and Attractions

The ASB sticker also offers discounts on admissions to performances in the Marsee Auditorium and Haag Recital Hall, as well as free admission to all ECC home athletic events.


While the ASB sticker doesn’t offer discounts for the on-campus food locations, it does offer discounts on a number of restaurants in the local cities of Torrance, Manhattan Beach and Gardena, including the Buffalo Wild Wings at the Del Amo Mall, the Wing Stop located down Crenshaw Boulevard from El Camino, and the McDonald’s located across the street from the campus. For a list of other affordable lunch options for students, check out The Union’s list for the top five lunch locations near campus.

Hair and Body Care

The ASB sticker also offers discounts on services at various salons and spas including the Cop-A-Tan in Redondo Beach and Manhattan Beach, and the Infinity Salon in Torrance.

For a full list of discounts and for more information about the sticker, visit the ASB page on the El Camino website or visit the ASB Headquarters Office located in the Student Development Office in the Activities Center. They are open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. from Mondays through Thursdays.