‘NO MORE’ assists club in spreading word of stopping domestic and sexual violence

The El Camino Sociology Club had a booth on the Library Lawn with help from “NO MORE,” on Thursday.

“NO MORE” is a movement, launched in 2013, to raise public awareness and engage bystanders around ending domestic violence and sexual assault, according to their website.

This was also the major point of the booth on campus.

“We are giving information about sexual assault and then we are also asking people to go to the ‘No More’ website and take their pledge,” Emily Ploch, president of the sociology club said.

Some students like Frederique Guezille, 34, general studies major and Job Clay, 26, nursing major, got the attention of the booth and asked for information and decided to take the pledge.

“I think it (the pledge and booth) is very beneficial because when they are sexually assaulted,” Clay said. “It will help to empower them and make them more knowledgeable about the situation, so they can actually do something.”

Guezille learned that you can pass the information on to others because not everyone is aware and people can notice more events and do something to stop it because she has been in a situation like this before, she said.

“On a train ride to home a guy started harassing a woman and then as soon as he reached to touch her is when I stepped in and I was like, ‘you need to go,'” Guezille said. “(With a louder voice) and a lot more curse words involved, pointing to the door in the train, then everyone else started to notice what was going on.”

“They were all busy in their little world to see that this woman was being harassed in the train,” she added.

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and this booth was the last event to commemorate it, Ploch said.