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Student ambassadors discover goals, joys through campus job

To add to the many accessible and useful services available to students, the ambassadors work hard both at EC and at local high schools on outreach.

Ambassadors (formerly called student ambassadors until last semester) provide convenient services for students in and out of EC, including giving campus tours, providing meet and greets for campus events, and guiding students who do not know where to go.

“What don’t they do?” Robin Dreizler, director of outreach and school relations, said.

Dreizler provided examples of the ambassadors’ work: helping with outreach, going to college fairs and college nights, and visiting high schools to help students.

“We participated in almost 400 activities last year alone,” Dreizler added.

There are minor rules that the ambassadors are required to maintain to stay as an one, but “as long as they are students here and they are in good academic standing (they’re good),” Dreizler said.

All EC students are eligible to be ambassadors through an application process.

“Applications go out in spring, usually March, and will go through formal application processes,” Dreizler said. “Everything about (the ambassadors) is awesome. They look (like) professional and approachable students representing EC and that’s what we want from the community.”

For some ambassadors, the program is opening their eyes to future opportunities and goals.

“Doing this job allows me to take my first steps into do my future career – helping other people,” Dulce Ramirez, 20, psychology major, said.

Ramirez is an ambassador who works at the Student Services Center, providing information to students who do not know where a building is, or even questions extending to major requirements and how to apply.

Brandon Neher, 30, financial aid ambassador, said an incredible part of the job was being able to help students one on one.

“It’s tough when there’s a ton of people, but it’s great when there’s only one or two so I can actually sit down with that person and spend time to help,” Neher added.

Neher once helped a student who went through unfortunate events including growing up in a foster home.

“He wasn’t computer literate, so it was nice to be able to sit down with someone who needs your help and actually help them,” he said. “That’s my favorite part of being an ambassador.”

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