No place like housing

Housing options will be made available to EC students in the upcoming months, sources said.

Katie Gleason, executive director of the EC Foundation, “an auxillary [and] charitable organization linked to EC,” helped carry out the project after the Foundation was “approached in June of last year by a developer who purchased a property over in old Torrance and was renovating it” she said.

It is, thus far, a small project, but represents an opportunity to survey the demand for such services.

“There are 40 units [and] can only serve 60 to 80 students, but it’s a good test market,” Gleason said, “an opportunity for us to see if this makes sense with very little risk or exposure financially.”

Gleason said the location is “slightly over four miles” from EC and is “located right on the corner of Cabrillo and Carson streets in old Torrance” with direct bus routes to EC.

The location was selected for its convenience, being within walking distance of restaurants, retail, banks, and other amenities.

Although there are similarities between these housing options and traditional university dormitories, Gleason reminded that there are stark differences as well.

We “are not providing EC housing, [but] providing a housing option for students,” she said. “There is no RA. It’s not like university housing.”

The furnished units include a twin bed, table and chair, closet, sink, mirror, microwave, and refrigerator; tenants will also have accessibility to the communal bathrooms, bicycle storage, washers and dryers, as well as an option to purchase an amenities package.

In addition to the units, “we are also leasing a 1,800 square foot [space] that is being completely renovated to be a community room for students only,” Gleason said, “[and] would include television, ping-pong, a lounge, some vending, some coffee, some workspace, [and] Wi-Fi” Gleason said.

Although there are only 40 units currently available for rent, the foundation is considering expanding on the project, contingent on the success of accumulating tenants for the current renovated building.

The first 25 students to reserve a room will receive a 25 percent discount for the first semester. A single room is $800 a month and a double – which can be shared with a roommate – is $1,200 a month. To reserve a room, students should contact Michelle Willemse-Grogan, part of the Global Student Services Inc., at [email protected] or at 310-438-7485.

Originally, this housing option was only going to available for international students; however as this project evolved, the foundation made changes.

“[The] goal now is to get it completely occupied,” Gleason said.

“We are very excited about this. We will be hosting a number of open houses for students [in] probably another month,” Gleason said.