Campus Viewpoints: Best scary movies for Halloween 2020

To get into the spirit of Halloween, students at El Camino College have been watching scary movies throughout the month of October.

The Union asked students for their horror movie recommendations to get others into the spooky spirit.

Morgan Gonzalez, 19, political science major

“Definitely a horror movie that I recommend, like, everyone should watch is ‘Candyman [1992].’ It’s got gore for people that love gore but it’s also, it’s just an intriguing story. I personally love a good gory movie.”

Daniel Chavez, 19, undeclared major

“A horror movie that I would recommend is John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’ and really anything by John Carpenter. The thing I love the most about it is its excellent use of practical effects. When you’re watching that movie, or any movie for that matter, when you see an effect that is physically made and the actors can physically interact with it, it completely changes the way you perceive a movie.”

Alexa Ocampo, 21, theater major

“I would say [‘The Addam’s Family’]. I mean, it’s a classic, it’s really funny, it’s good for like literally anyone. It’s not too scary or anything. It’s a classic Halloween movie.”

Joshua Alvarez, 19, studio art major

“I probably recommend a movie called ‘Uncanny Annie.’ It’s kind of like Zathura where everything starts because of a board game, but it’s like a horror twist on it and it’s really fun and really cool.”

Marina Teague, 23, theater major

“My favorite scary movie is ‘Scream’ because it’s still funny and it’s not too scary, because I’m kind of a scaredy-cat. There’s a good twist at the end and they kind of make fun of scary movies. I like it a lot.”

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Ryan Lindahl, 20, computer science major

“My favorite horror movie, well I really liked ‘Hush.’ It’s about a deaf [girl] that lives in the woods. That concept is interesting because, how are you supposed to be alert when you’re deaf? I enjoyed it and thought it was a good movie.”