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Clubs and organizations at ECC emphasize equity, diversity and inclusion

On top of balancing school work with a number of other obligations during the current pandemic, many students also experience extra stress as a result of racial injustice in America.

El Camino College (ECC) has taken a stance in support of movements like Black Lives Matter and Stop AAPI Hate due to numerous displays of injustice and tragedy across the nation against many marginalized groups and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color).

Various clubs and organizations at El Camino College, such as the ST(OUR)Y Media Club, Muslim Student Association, the AANHPI Equity Initiative and more are prioritizing diversity, equity and inclusion for marginalized students and communities.

The Student Equity Advisory Council (SEAC) is a student-run organization that directly supports student clubs focused on uplifting and elevating the voices of marginalized groups and communities at ECC.

Co-Chair Representative of SEAC, Giancarlo Fernandez, said the organization is a safe space for student clubs to come together and discuss ongoing issues without judgment. SEAC helps student clubs with planning and funding and helps to establish and re-establish clubs for underrepresented groups.

Recently, SEAC held an event to address Anti-Asian violence

“SEAC hosts numerous events and panels for dialogue that promotes awareness for underrepresented communities on campus. We also host events to help educate people that may not necessarily identify with these [underrepresented] communities,” Fernandez said.

One of the organizations that SEAC is currently partnering with is the African American Employee Network to help re-establish the Black Student Union.

Students may become active in organizations through SEAC, which helps to elevate the numerous inclusive programs and clubs available at ECC.

The International Club is a student club built upon diversity, by welcoming students from all over the world from different backgrounds and cultures. According to the International Club’s president, Kamille Mosqueda, they foster a safe space and community for both international and American students.

“We don’t discriminate or single out people, we embrace everyone’s differences no matter if they are an international student or someone interested in learning about different cultures. Everyone, regardless of background, can join the club,” Mosqueda said.

As president, Mosqueda oversees club activities and conducts board meetings for the International Club. Every semester, the International Club holds an “International Day” event featuring cultural presentations, games, prizes and more.

Similar to the International Club, UndocuWarriors Club is a student-run club that provides multiple resources for higher education and a safe space of support for undocumented students and allies at ECC.

“The best students we have ever had are our undocumented students,” Club Advisor Rene Lozano said. “This [club] is a safe space where we build trust and connect [students] to the information [they] need, but I think in education we tend to be so transactional in nature, which is important, but sometimes just listening, talking and gathering around in a circle to just [talk] about our lives and our shared experiences is just as important as getting a degree.”

UndocuWarriors began in the early 2000s and is now led by club president Brenda Fernandez, who has led initiatives such as the effort to have a Dreamer Center accessible on campus and raises awareness about the California DREAM Act, which provides students in California with tuition and financial aid.

“We don’t have that centralized place of resources that undocumented students can reach out to, although we have these workshops and meetings, students will only hear about it if they happen to hear about it or search for it, whereas if the school has a place for it, I think a lot of DREAMers will reach out and receive the help that they need,” Fernandez said.

According to Lozano, The Dreamer Center will be a great achievement in diversity and inclusion at El Camino College, and it is all due to Fernandez and her fellow students’ advocacy and hard work as to why it may someday become a reality.

“Every major change from society comes from the ground up. It’s because of the work of the students. It [The Dreamer Center] is what we need, it’s long overdue and I call it justice” Lozano said.

To get involved in SEAC, fill out the interest form here.

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